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drain repairs Birmingham

At Cofton Drainage & Jetting Services Ltd, we have the capabilities, innovation and experience to meet your drainage needs


Some blocked drains and pipe problems simply cannot wait to be resolved as they can cause you and all your facilities serious issues. This is why we offer expert drain unblocking services in Birmingham and the West Midlands.


Our engineers are available 24/7 to deal with emergency problems like these. Don't waste any time - Give us a call today! 

drain unblocker Birmingham
drain cctv survey Birmingham


To get your drains flowing correctly again, we offer 2 types of services:

1. MANUAL UNBLOCKING WITH RODDING - When removing soft blockages in your pipework, Our engineers can clear your blockages manually with rodding. All our rod unblocks include a quick CCTV camera check afterwards to make sure the root cause of the blockage is not going to cause you further problems.

2. HIGH PRESSURE WATER JETTING UNBLOCKING - Sometimes plunging or rodding a blockage will not clear or budge it. Our engineers are equipped with 3,000psi high pressure water jetting equipment and a variety of attachments to clear stubborn blockages whilst also cleaning the pipelines removing fat deposits and scale. 

Once the line has been cleared our engineers will put their CCTV camera down the line to make sure there will be no repeat blockages and quote for any repair work required. 


If there is a single facility in your home that is causing drainage issues then we can assist and clear the blockage. 

kitchen and bathroom facility blockages are not pleasant to try and tackle yourself.

At Cofton Drainage & Jetting Services, we have the know how and the the equipment to sort these unwanted issues quickly.

From manual tools to high pressure water jetting, we will get your facility flowing in no time. 

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The best tool to locate blockages, investigate damage in your drains or to conduct full site drainage reports is our CCTV Camera Equipment.

drain pipe repair Birmingham
cctv drain survey cost Birmingham


Unsure and want us to quickly check if a drain is causing your property an issue?

Our quick cam check is the most cost effective option. 

Our engineers will be able to advise you on site if there is an issue that needs to be rectified and be able to quote you for any repairs required. 

As part of our high pressure water jetting unblock call out, we generally complete a quick camera check which is included within the fixed rate cost. 


Are you wanting the integrity checked, planning on extending or selling/buying your home or an establishment? 

We can complete a basic to CCTV drain survey in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. 


Our team can survey the drains you require of the property or establishment and compile a report including site drain plan, drainage defects and any recommendations for repairs to defects noticed. 


If you require an urgent drain CCTV survey, we have the capability to send the report to you the very same day straight from our camera systems on site.

Our reports range from a single drain runs to the full drainage system. Get in touch with our team for our CCTV drain survey cost in Birmingham.

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To dig or not to dig? our engineers are innovative to formulise the correct method to repair your drainage system to return them to flowing order. Our team will also assist with any projects you may have to add further drainage systems to your current household or establishment. 

No repair or installation is too small or too big for us to tackle.  

drain blockage Birmingham
local drainage company Birmingham


Damaged or cracked drains pipes need to be repaired to avoid further blockages experienced.

If our team detect any damage during a camera check, we can fix it with our patch re-lining equipment which requires no excavation of your groundwork, speeds up the repair process and providing a more cost effective approach.

The beauty is with no dig repair patch re-lining, it doesn't spoil any groundwork in case you have a fancy patio or driveway to dig down from to repair the pipeline. 

Our patch re-lining products are WRc approved and our engineers are trained & certified to use them to rectify the issues noticed.


If our engineers identify there are defects in your underground drainpipes, and advise that it cannot be fixed by no dig repairs then excavation and replacement will be a last resort.  

Whether it is caused by age, underground movement, displacement of seals or ruptures, our team can excavate and replace any required sections, ensuring your drainage becomes watertight, secure and will avoid further damage in years to come. 

Our team takes on client's requirements to move or add to their drainage system when they are completing home improvement projects to their properties. 

Our engineers will visit, investigate and then quote for repair works

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