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Another Great Job and Review for our 5 Star Drain Unblocker Team in Birmingham

In March 2022, we completed a drain unblock in the Birmingham area for a customer who was experiencing recurring drain blockages for the 1st floor bathroom facilities. They had been visited by other drainage companies who had unblocked the drainage system for them but not explain why the problem was recurring.

The customer contacted us as they wanted the drains to be unblocked correctly. Our team advised that with every drain unblock completed, we provide free checks of their drains with our specialist CCTV Drain Cameras. This is to not only make sure that we have unblocked the drain correctly for our customers but to check whether is any structural damage to the drainage system which may have caused the blockage in the first place.

Once we unblocked the drain for the customer, we inserted our CCTV Drain Camera into the drains to find that the underground drain pipe supporting the facilities had a displaced joint just passed the radial bend and an open joint where the radial bend connects to the internal stack pipe. Not only was the issue causing repeat blockages but it was also allowing foul waste and water to escape into the property foundations. Our team advised the client that although the drain had been unblocked, they would experience another blockage again in the near future unless the issues with the pipes were repaired. We also advised that, over time, the issues could cause structural damage to the property foundations. The client was pleased with our analysis of the drainage system and happy for us to proceed with our repair work to resolve the issue.

The drain repair consisted of excavating internally to install a new 90 degree bend to support the internal stack pipe for the upstairs facilities. Once installed, our team flow tested the line to make sure the drainage system was fully sealed again to avoid any further damage to the foundations of the property prior to groundwork reinstatement.

The customer was very pleased with our work and left us a kind review which can be found on our Google profile.

“Great bunch of guys, got to work straight away, diagnosed the problem and replaced the radial bend with a resin sleeve and done a very good job, and would definitely recommend.”

To read more on our reviews from our happy customers who have seen our drainage company go the extra mile for them, then please follow the links to:

As you can see our team not only unblock your drains, we investigate and repair the damage for you as an all-round service. If you are experiencing drainage issues with your property and require our team to investigate then give us a call today and we can assist you.

Thanks for reading from all of us at the Cofton Drainage & Jetting Services Team.

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