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What is Drain Re-lining and How it Can Save time and expense to you

Our team have been providing underground drain pipe repairs in the Birmingham and surrounding areas by drain relining issues noticed. It’s the easiest way to repair your drains as opposed to costly excavation works to replace damaged pipelines at certain depths and locations underground.

When conducting CCTV drain surveys on domestic and commercial drainage systems, we come across defects in the pipelines such as open or displaced joints, cracks and holes in the pipelines which can cause foul waste or surface water to leak into surrounding foundations as well as the defects potentially causing blockages to the property if waste gets caught on the unwanted defects. The defects can become costly to fix as well as causing further damage to the foundations of the property which can add on extra cost to resolve damp and attract unwanted pests.

Is drain relining the way forward?

A very long time ago, the only way to fix damaged pipelines was to excavate and replace them. This

would have been very costly to you and time consuming to repair due to certain depths to go to. With patch relining, takes the cost element away, leaves the pipelines stronger than before and reduces on timescales to complete.

Our engineers can complete some relining in less than 2 hours when they could be there all day trying to dig up and locate he pipelines. Our technology of relining mends the damaged section by creating a new slim pipeline inside the existing pipework.

What is our Process?

The process to complete an underground drain pipe repair by relining requires us to do the following:

  • Carry out a CCTV cam check on the line and measure where the defects are

  • Clear any waste or debris from the line with tools such as high pressure water jetting

  • Carry out another cam check on the line and make sure it is ready for relining and evaluate

  • Prepare the lining materials and insert it down the drains via the manhole access and use air pressure to inflate the resin sleeve.

  • The drying time for the relining material can take up to 3 hours depending on weather conditions.

  • Once the material has set, the equipment is removed and you are then left with a fixed drainage system.

We then take further evidence to send to you on our camera system of the newly installed lining for your records.

If you would like to call us today to discuss if your drainage system needs relining in certain areas then please make contact with us today and we can be your number 1 drainage repair team in the Birmingham and surrounding areas for relining.

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