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How is Your Local Drain Unblocking Team Doing in the Birmingham and Surrounding Areas?

The answer to that is simple. Cofton Drainage and Jetting Services has been providing top level efforts to unblock your drains, provide useful feedback on what could cause the blockages and repairing the drains in the process.

During the past quarterly period we have continued to support in unblocking our clients underground drainage systems from rodding to high pressure water jetting the drains clear. Not only do we unblock our client’s drains but go out of our way to support you in finding root causes for the blockages via CCTV drain camera survey systems which we check our work of unblocking the drains and then providing evidence of what could cause the blockages in the first place other than the build up of waste.

Here are a few examples of what can cause your drain blockage in the first place:

  1. Displaced, open joints or cracks in vitrified clay pipelines which can cause solid waste to get caught in the line and build up.

  2. Root growth within the pipeline which over time can cause waste to build up if they are blocking the drain line.

  3. Scale, fat and grease build up in the drains which can reduce the pipeline diameter.

  4. Flushing of non-degradable items which can build up in areas of the drainage system.

Here is one of our drain unblocks completed which then lead to further repair works required and a very happy client of ours.

What was the Issue? We were initially contacted as the client reported an inspection chamber on the property was overflowing with foul waste.

What did we do to Support the Client? We quickly responded to the client’s needs as the blockage was causing foul waste to back up to their property and overflow within the area of the inspection chamber. We then high pressure water jetted the blockage clear and cleaned the drains of waste to allow us to investigate.

Once cleared we then applied our CCTV drain survey camera system to show the client that the drains were cleared and to notify the client of the root cause.

Once the issues were recognised which were joint displacements in the line, quotations for repairs were offered..

The client accepted our detailed quotation, and our team completed the repairs. We took photos of the repairs in stages to show the client evidence of our work to validate what we have done to restore service to their drainage system.

The repair required excavation works which included reinstatement of all groundwork taken up. The repair also included to repair another section of the private underground drainage system using our no dig technology relining equipment.

What Did Our Client Think About the Services We Offered?

Please see our review below which can be found on our Facebook Business Page of the kind words left by our client

“Excellent service and highly recommended! I first met the team in the summer to unblock a manhole in our garden. Enquiry was picked up promptly and they came the next day. Camera check was also performed at the same time and other issues in the line were discovered and have now been resolved. Twice now I’ve needed Cofton drainage and both times they have turned up the next day. Everyone I met was polite and informative and happy to show me before and after pictures of the work undertaken.”

If you are experiencing a drain blockage within the Birmingham and surrounding areas and require our assistance then please get in touch and we can be with you as our local 5 star drain unblocking team.

Thanks for reading and all the best from the Cofton Drainage & Jetting Services Team

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