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Got a Water Mains Leak. We Can Assist You With This

We are proud to announce that we can now assist and organise for your water mains leaks to be repaired. We are now partnered with certified contracted engineers to investigate and repair the water mains issues once identified.

The water mains' responsibility is to supply fresh water to your home or establishment. So when a leak occurs, this can lead to all sorts of problems such as:

  1. a rise in your utility bills and a waste of water supply

  2. a drop in the pressure of water supply meaning less water for you as the customer

  3. structural damage to your property foundations such as subsidence issues.

So, with the above points in mind, it is important that the water leak problem is caught early rather than later to save cost on repairs to the system and your property. The common symptom is when you are running your cold taps in your property, there is less flow than usual coming from them.

Once you discover this, its best to act quickly and to arrange to have the issue investigated. We can assist you with this by picking up the phone and we can arrange for an engineer to investigate and repair the issue.

Why Choose Us?

  • We can save you time - our engineers can be with you quickly to diagnose the issue for you on whether your issue is to do with your water mains supply to your property or if it is plumbing issue within the property.

  • No matter how small or big the issue is - we are ready to assist and repair it for you

  • We are here anytime to assist you - call us today to speak with one of our engineers and we can run through your water mains issue and see what is your next step to take to getting them resolved quickly.

Our engineers not only fix water mains leaks, but also complete new water mains installations as well as diverting water mains to assist with renovation works

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